Excise Warehouse

We are an authorized operator of an excise warehouse for the storage of beer, wine, intermediate products and alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages. The excise warehouse allows the storage of selected products without the need for immediate payment of excise duty. The duty is only paid after the goods have been released from the excise warehouse into free circulation, on the basis of the submission of a monthly excise duty return.


  • Termination or issue of EAD (suspension of duty) and e-SAD (free circulation) documents
  • Guarantee of excise duty either at the excise warehouse or during a transport of goods under the excise suspension scheme
  • Keeping extended warehouse records as required by the customs authorities
  • Making entries into the ORO web client system
  • Calculation of excise duty and processing of excise duty declarations
  • Excise stamping of goods

Temporary Bonded Warehouse


  • Termination of transit transports (T1)
  • Storage of goods for a maximum of 90 days
  • Provision of guarantee for customs debt